Nihar Coconut Hair Oil with Methi


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The foundation of Nihar Naturals is knowledge and experience concerning hair. Women today face a lot more hair issues than they had in the past, such as split ends, frizzy hair, rough hair, and hair fall.

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Naturals hair oil for women, your go-to brand, is here to help you maintain the health and beauty of your hair while also understanding your changing hair care needs. Proteins can be trapped in the hair up to ten layers deep by coconut oil, making hair both internally strong and externally silky and lustrous. This non-sticky hair oil also aids in repairing the harm that pollution, dust, and heat do to hair, preserving its beauty. Use Nihar Naturals hair oil frequently before each hair wash to notice the difference. Methi as a seed is particularly good at promoting hair growth and preventing hair fall.


400ml, 200ml


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